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Write some text to the screen. This function is most appropriate for longer paragraphs. See cli_alert() for shorter status messages.


cli_text(..., .envir = parent.frame())



The text to show, in character vectors. They will be concatenated into a single string. Newlines are not preserved.


Environment to evaluate the glue expressions in.


Text wrapping

Text is wrapped to the console width, see console_width().


New lines

A cli_text() call always appends a newline character to the end.

cli_text("First line.")
cli_text("Second line.")


You can use inline markup, as usual.

cli_text("The {.fn cli_text} function in the {.pkg cli} package.")


String interpolation via glue works as usual. Interpolated vectors are collapsed.

pos <- c(5, 14, 25, 26)
cli_text("We have {length(pos)} missing measurements: {pos}.")

Styling and interpolation

Use double braces to combine styling and string interpolation.

fun <- "cli-text"
pkg <- "cli"
cli_text("The {.fn {fun}} function in the {.pkg {pkg}} package.")

Multiple arguments

Arguments are concatenated.

cli_text(c("This ", "will ", "all "), "be ", "one ", "sentence.")


You can use cli_text() within cli containers.

ul <- cli_ul()
cli_li("First item.")
cli_text("Still the {.emph first} item")
cli_li("Second item.")
cli_text("Still the {.emph second} item")