Container elements may contain other elements. Currently the following commands create container elements: cli_div(), cli_par(), the list elements: cli_ul(), cli_ol(), cli_dl(), and list items are containers as well: cli_li().


Container elements need to be closed with cli_end(). For convenience, they have an .auto_close argument, which instructs the container element to be closed automatically when the function that created it terminates (either regularly, or with an error).


## div with custom theme d <- cli_div(theme = list(h1 = list(color = "blue", "font-weight" = "bold"))) cli_h1("Custom title")
#> ── Custom title ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
cli_end(d) ## Close automatically div <- function() { cli_div(class = "tmp", theme = list(.tmp = list(color = "yellow"))) cli_text("This is yellow") } div()
#> This is yellow
cli_text("This is not yellow any more")
#> This is not yellow any more