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The builtin theme leaves an empty line between paragraphs. See also containers.


cli_par(id = NULL, class = NULL, .auto_close = TRUE, .envir = parent.frame())



Element id, a string. If NULL, then a new id is generated and returned.


Class name, sting. Can be used in themes.


Whether to close the container, when the calling function finishes (or .envir is removed, if specified).


Environment to evaluate the glue expressions in. It is also used to auto-close the container if .auto_close is TRUE.


The id of the new container element, invisibly.


clifun <- function() {

#> Sunt anim ullamco Lorem qui mollit anim est in deserunt adipisicing.            
#> Enim deserunt laborum ad qui qui. Anim esse non anim magna Lorem                
#> consequat dolore labore cupidatat magna et. Esse nulla eiusmod Lorem            
#> exercitation cupidatat velit enim exercitation excepteur non officia            
#> incididunt. Id laborum dolore commodo Lorem esse ea sint proident.              
#> Fugiat mollit in Lorem velit qui exercitation ipsum consectetur ad              
#> nisi ut eu do ullamco. Mollit officia reprehenderit culpa Lorem est             
#> reprehenderit excepteur enim magna incididunt ea. Irure nisi ad                 
#> exercitation deserunt enim anim excepteur quis minim laboris veniam             
#> nulla pariatur. Enim irure aute nulla irure qui non. Minim velit                
#> proident sunt sint. Proident sit occaecat ex aute.