Frequently Asked Questions


My platform supports ANSI colors, why does cli not use them?

It is probably a mistake in cli’s ANSI support detection algorithm. Please open an issue at and don’t forget to tell us the details of your platform and terminal or GUI.

How do I turn off ANSI colors and styles?

Set the NO_COLOR environment variable to a non-empty value. You can do this in your .Renviron file (use usethis::edit_r_environ()).

If you want to do this for testthat tests, then consider using the 3rd edition on testthat, which does turn off ANSI styling automatically inside test_that().

cli does not show the output before file.choose()

Try calling flush.console() to flush the console, before file.choose(). If flushing does not work and you are in RStudio, then it is probably this RStudio bug: See more details at