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The rule can include either a centered text label, or labels on the left and right side.

To color the labels, use the functions col_*, bg_* and style_* functions, see ANSI styles, and the examples below. To color the line, either these functions directly, or the line_col option.


  left = "",
  center = "",
  right = "",
  line = 1,
  col = NULL,
  line_col = col,
  background_col = NULL,
  width = console_width()



Label to show on the left. It interferes with the center label, only at most one of them can be present.


Label to show at the center. It interferes with the left and right labels.


Label to show on the right. It interferes with the center label, only at most one of them can be present.


The character or string that is used to draw the line. It can also 1 or 2, to request a single line (Unicode, if available), or a double line. Some strings are interpreted specially, see Line styles below.


Color of text, and default line color. Either an ANSI style function (see ANSI styles), or a color name that is passed to make_ansi_style().

line_col, background_col

Either a color name (used in make_ansi_style()), or a style function (see ANSI styles), to color the line and background.


Width of the rule. Defaults to the width option, see base::options().


Character scalar, the rule.


Simple rule

Line styles

Some strings for the line argument are interpreted specially:

  • "single": (same as 1), a single line,

  • "double": (same as 2), a double line,

  • "bar1", "bar2", "bar3", etc., "bar8" uses varying height bars.

Double rule

rule(line = 2)


rule(line = "bar2")
rule(line = "bar5")

Custom lines

rule(center = "TITLE", line = "~")

rule(center = "TITLE", line = col_blue("~-"))

rule(center = bg_red(" ", symbol$star, "TITLE",
  symbol$star, " "),
  line = "\u2582",
  line_col = "orange")

Left label

rule(left = "Results")

Centered label

rule(center = " * RESULTS * ")

Colored labels

rule(center = col_red(" * RESULTS * "))

Colored line

rule(center = col_red(" * RESULTS * "), line_col = "red")