The following options are used to select a style:

  • cli_progress_bar_style

  • cli_progress_bar_style_ascii

  • cli_progress_bar_style_unicode



A named list with sublists containing elements complete, incomplete and potentially current.


On Unicode terminals (if is_utf8_output() is TRUE), the cli_progress_bar_style_unicode and cli_progress_bar_style options are used.

On ASCII terminals (if is_utf8_output() is FALSE), the cli_pgoress_bar_style_ascii and cli_progress_bar_style options are are used.

for (style in names(cli_progress_styles())) {
  options(cli.progress_bar_style = style)
  label <- ansi_align(paste0("Style '", style, "'"), 20)
  print(cli_progress_demo(label, live = FALSE, at = 66, total = 100))
options(cli.progress_var_style = NULL)