These are non-semantic functions to format or output content to the console. They do not use the cli theme.


You can specify the tree with a two column data frame, containing the node ids/labels, and the list of their children.

data <- data.frame(
  stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
  package = c("processx", "backports", "assertthat", "Matrix",
    "magrittr", "rprojroot", "clisymbols", "prettyunits", "withr",
    "desc", "igraph", "R6", "crayon", "debugme", "digest", "irlba",
    "rcmdcheck", "callr", "pkgconfig", "lattice"),
  dependencies = I(list(
    c("assertthat", "crayon", "debugme", "R6"), character(0),
    character(0), "lattice", character(0), "backports", character(0),
    c("magrittr", "assertthat"), character(0),
    c("assertthat", "R6", "crayon", "rprojroot"),
    c("irlba", "magrittr", "Matrix", "pkgconfig"), character(0),
    character(0), "crayon", character(0), "Matrix",
    c("callr", "clisymbols", "crayon", "desc", "digest", "prettyunits",
      "R6", "rprojroot", "withr"),
    c("processx", "R6"), character(0), character(0)
tree(data, root = "rcmdcheck")

An optional third column may contain custom labels. These can be colored as well:

data$label <- paste(data$package,
  col_grey(paste0("(", c("", "1.1.1", "0.2.0", "1.2-11",
    "1.5", "1.2", "1.2.0", "1.0.2", "2.0.0", "", "1.1.2",
    "2.2.2", "1.3.4", "1.0.2", "0.6.12", "2.2.1", "",
    "", "2.0.1", "0.20-35"), ")"))
roots <- ! data$package %in% unlist(data$dependencies)
data$label[roots] <- col_cyan(style_italic(data$label[roots]))
tree(data, root = "rcmdcheck")