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Add custom cli style to a vector


cli_vec(x, style = list())



Vector that will be collapsed by cli.


Style to apply to the vector. It is used as a theme on a span element that is created for the vector. You can set vec-sep and vec-last to modify the separator and the last separator.


You can use this function to change the default parameters of collapsing the vector into a string, see an example below.

The style is added as an attribute, so operations that remove attributes will remove the style as well.

Custom collapsing separator

v <- cli_vec(
  c("foo", "bar", "foobar"),
  style = list("vec-sep" = " & ", "vec-last" = " & ")
cli_text("My list: {v}.")

#> My list: foo & bar & foobar.                                                    

Custom truncation

x <- cli_vec(names(mtcars), list("vec-trunc" = 3))
cli_text("Column names: {x}.")

#> Column names: mpg, cyl, disp, …, gear, and carb.                                

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