This only works in terminal emulators. In other environments, it does nothing.

ansi_hide_cursor(stream = "auto")

ansi_show_cursor(stream = "auto")

ansi_with_hidden_cursor(expr, stream = "auto")



The stream to inspect or manipulate, an R connection object. It can also be a string, one of "auto", "message", "stdout", "stderr". "auto" will select stdout() if the session is interactive and there are no sinks, otherwise it will select stderr().


R expression to evaluate.


ansi_hide_cursor() hides the cursor.

ansi_show_cursor() shows the cursor.

ansi_with_hidden_cursor() temporarily hides the cursor for evaluating an expression.

See also

Other terminal capabilities: is_ansi_tty(), is_dynamic_tty()

Other low level ANSI functions: ansi_has_any(), ansi_regex(), ansi_strip()