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The cli progress C API

The cli progress C API


A macro that evaluates to (int) 1 if a cli progress bar update is due, and to (int) 0 otherwise. If the timer hasn't been initialized in this compilation unit yet, then it is always 0. To initialize the timer, call cli_progress_init_timer() or create a progress bar with cli_progress_bar().


void cli_progress_add(SEXP bar, double inc);

Add a number of progress units to the progress bar. It will also trigger an update if an update is due.

  • bar: progress bar object.

  • inc: progress increment.


SEXP cli_progress_bar(double total, SEXP config);

Create a new progress bar object. The returned progress bar object must be PROTECT()-ed.

  • total: Total number of progress units. Use NA_REAL if it is not known.

  • config: R named list object of additional parameters. May be NULL (the C NULL~) or R_NilValue(the RNULL`) for the defaults.

config may contain the following entries:

  • name: progress bar name.

  • status: (initial) progress bar status.

  • type: progress bar type.

  • total: total number of progress units.

  • show_after: show the progress bar after the specified number of seconds. This overrides the global show_after option.

  • format: format string, must be specified for custom progress bars.

  • format_done: format string for successful termination.

  • format_failed: format string for unsuccessful termination.

  • clear: whether to remove the progress bar from the screen after termination.

  • auto_terminate: whether to terminate the progress bar when the number of current units equals the number of total progress units.


#include <cli/progress.h>
SEXP progress_test1() {
  int i;
  SEXP bar = PROTECT(cli_progress_bar(1000, NULL));
  for (i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
    cli_progress_sleep(0, 4 * 1000 * 1000);
    if (CLI_SHOULD_TICK) cli_progress_set(bar, i);
  return Rf_ScalarInteger(i);


void cli_progress_done(SEXP bar);

Terminate the progress bar.

  • bar: progress bar object.


void cli_progress_init_timer();

Initialize the cli timer without creating a progress bar.


int cli_progress_num();

Returns the number of currently active progress bars.


void cli_progress_set(SEXP bar, double set);

Set the progress bar to the specified number of progress units.

  • bar: progress bar object.

  • set: number of current progress progress units.


void cli_progress_set_clear(SEXP bar, int clear);

Set whether to remove the progress bar from the screen. You can call this any time before cli_progress_done() is called.

  • bar: progress bar object.

  • clear: whether to remove the progress bar from the screen, zero or one.


void cli_progress_set_format(SEXP bar, const char *format, ...);

Set a custom format string for the progress bar. This call does not try to update the progress bar. If you want to request an update, call cli_progress_add(), cli_progress_set() or cli_progress_update().

  • bar: progress bar object.

  • format: format string.

  • ...: values to substitute into format.

format and ... are passed to vsnprintf() to create a format string.

Format strings may contain glue substitutions, referring to progress variables, pluralization, and cli styling.


void cli_progress_set_name(SEXP bar, const char *name);

Set the name of the progress bar.

  • bar; progress bar object.

  • name: progress bar name.


void cli_progress_set_status(SEXP bar, const char *status);

Set the status of the progress bar.

  • bar: progress bar object.

  • status : progress bar status.


void cli_progress_set_type(SEXP bar, const char *type);

Set the progress bar type. Call this function right after creating the progress bar with cli_progress_bar(). Otherwise the behavior is undefined.

  • bar: progress bar object.

  • type: progress bar type. Possible progress bar types: iterator, tasks, download and custom.


void cli_progress_update(SEXP bar, double set, double inc, int force);

Update the progress bar. Unlike the simpler cli_progress_add() and cli_progress_set() function, it can force an update if force is set to 1.

  • bar: progress bar object.

  • set: the number of current progress units. It is ignored if negative.

  • inc: increment to add to the current number of progress units. It is ignored if set is not negative.

  • force: whether to force an update, even if no update is due.

To force an update without changing the current number of progress units, supply set = -1, inc = 0 and force = 1.