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Combine two or more styles or style functions into a new style function that can be called on strings to style them.





The styles to combine. For character strings, the make_ansi_style() function is used to create a style first. They will be applied from right to left.


The combined style function.


It does not usually make sense to combine two foreground colors (or two background colors), because only the first one applied will be used.

It does make sense to combine different kind of styles, e.g. background color, foreground color, bold font.

See also

Other ANSI styling: ansi-styles, make_ansi_style(), num_ansi_colors()


## Use style names
alert <- combine_ansi_styles("bold", "red4")
cat(alert("Warning!"), "\n")
#> Warning! 

## Or style functions
alert <- combine_ansi_styles(style_bold, col_red, bg_cyan)
cat(alert("Warning!"), "\n")
#> Warning! 

## Combine a composite style
alert <- combine_ansi_styles(
  combine_ansi_styles("red", bg_cyan))
cat(alert("Warning!"), "\n")
#> Warning!