A section that is quoted from another source. It is typically indented.

  citation = NULL,
  id = NULL,
  class = NULL,
  .envir = parent.frame()



Text of the quotation.


Source of the quotation, typically a link or the name of a person.


Element id, a string. If NULL, then a new id is generated and returned.


Class name, sting. Can be used in themes.


Environment to evaluate the glue expressions in. It is also used to auto-close the container if .auto_close is TRUE.


cli_blockquote(cli:::lorem_ipsum(), citation = "Nobody, ever")
#> “Sunt consectetur est sit commodo et consectetur commodo. Et qui #> occaecat exercitation pariatur do esse. Tempor quis id ut #> consequat occaecat sint magna velit. Qui excepteur magna culpa #> aliqua dolor cillum culpa sunt adipisicing aute. Eu velit #> incididunt reprehenderit eu adipisicing. Tempor nisi incididunt #> dolor esse velit do nisi in eiusmod ex ad velit. Et veniam #> consectetur nisi id quis sint occaecat velit proident ullamco #> voluptate ipsum. Mollit proident laboris ea eiusmod fugiat #> deserunt ipsum reprehenderit laboris anim qui pariatur est. #> Fugiat enim cillum deserunt aliqua duis occaecat do excepteur in #> velit nisi.”
#> — Nobody, ever