These functions let you create error, warning or diagnostic messages with cli formatting, including inline styling, pluralization and glue substitutions.

cli_abort(message, ..., .envir = parent.frame())

cli_warn(message, ..., .envir = parent.frame())

cli_inform(message, ..., .envir = parent.frame())



It is formatted via a call to cli_bullets().


Passed to rlang::abort(), rlang::warn() or rlang::inform().


Environment to evaluate the glue expressions in.


if (FALSE) { n <- "boo" cli_abort(c( "{.var n} must be a numeric vector", "x" = "You've supplied a {.cls {class(n)}} vector." )) len <- 26 idx <- 100 cli_abort(c( "Must index an existing element:", "i" = "There {?is/are} {len} element{?s}.", "x" = "You've tried to subset element {idx}." )) }