See containers. A cli_div container is special, because it may add new themes, that are valid within the container.

  id = NULL,
  class = NULL,
  theme = NULL,
  .auto_close = TRUE,
  .envir = parent.frame()



Element id, a string. If NULL, then a new id is generated and returned.


Class name, sting. Can be used in themes.


A custom theme for the container. See themes.


Whether to close the container, when the calling function finishes (or .envir is removed, if specified).


Environment to evaluate the glue expressions in. It is also used to auto-close the container if .auto_close is TRUE.


The id of the new container element, invisibly.


## div with custom theme d <- cli_div(theme = list(h1 = list(color = "blue", "font-weight" = "bold"))) cli_h1("Custom title")
#> ── Custom title ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
cli_end(d) ## Close automatically div <- function() { cli_div(class = "tmp", theme = list(.tmp = list(color = "yellow"))) cli_text("This is yellow") } div()
#> This is yellow
cli_text("This is not yellow any more")
#> This is not yellow any more