Return the current state of a cli app. It includes the currently open tags, their ids, classes and their computed styles.

cli_debug_doc(app = default_app() %||% start_app())



The cli app to debug. Defaults to the current app. if there is no app, then it creates one by calling start_app().


Data frame with columns: tag, id, class (space separated), theme (id of the theme the element added), styles (computed styles for the element).


The returned data frame has a print method, and if you want to create a plain data frame from it, index it with an empty bracket: cli_debug_doc()[].

To see all currently active themes, use app$themes, e.g. for the default app: default_app()$themes.

See also

cli_sitrep(). To debug containers, you can set the CLI-DEBUG_BAD_END environment variable to true, and then cli will warn when it cannot find the specified container to close (or any contained at all).


if (FALSE) { cli_debug_doc() olid <- cli_ol() cli_li() cli_debug_doc() cli_debug_doc()[] cli_end(olid) cli_debug_doc() }